A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This is a short (~2 hour) game where you collect space debris, upgrade your ship, and worry about a huge military satellite.

It features a lot of debris.

A loooot.

It also features a really big explosion at the end!

You can see the whole game dev process here: 

Apologies, Unity seems to have turned off compiling sensibly, so there's some cruft in the Windows release.

I can release a MAC version if needed, but apparently when I upgraded Unity it... uninstalled MAC support. Sigh....

Install instructions

Just unzip the file.


Debris Fishing Linux.zip 77 MB
Debris Fishing Windows.zip 73 MB

Development log

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Playing on i7-4770 GTX 750 Ti, Win 10, runs smooth. Apparently, I've found a bug that after death and restart flashy, white effects are not appearing when trying to clean up the way, the debris is just pulled towards the ship and that's all.

Interesting! I've also noticed some problems with scene reset. I think I know the problem, so I'll fix it up before the next release, thanks!

Super smooth on a GTX970 / x4 965 AMD , Win 10. Ship feel seems to be a decent starting point. Liking the ruptured spaces ship vibe.


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Bug Report

Playing it with an HD3000 intel graphic card (1.5 GB Ram, DirectX11/OpenGL 3.3  compatible, windows driver version, linux mesa driver version 17.4 serie), an Intel(R) 6 Series/C200 Series Chipset Family High Definition Audio, and an i7-2630QM 2GHz CPU, I've noticed that:

- on a Linux Lubuntu 16.04.3 system, kernel 4.4 series, Linux build freezes in a black screen just after selecting game options and hit "play" in the Unity3d first general option window (doesn't matter the selected options combination);

- on  a Windows 7 system instead, game runs decently with 800x600 screen res. and "fastest" quality option, but:

---- with every graphic setting many 3d scene models are covered by a translucent pink/violet texture that ruins all their colors; maybe it's something related with baked shadows or alpha textures (?); ---- going beyond debris spaceship area, some of the green squared debris pointers keep pointing ahead towards empty space;

---- turning around with main propulsion setted to zero, concentrics circular bars loosing alignement moving some on the left and some on the right screen sides;

---- the in-game help doesn't mention how to actually capture debries;

---- in-game sound are absents;

At this link you can find some screenshots: Debris_Fisher_Bug_Report;

Thanks for your attention and your work.

Thanks for trying it out!

Your bugs are noted - most of them aren't bugs, but misfeatures. However, it crashing it obviously an issue.

I honestly didn't expect it to run on any Linux machines: so far, most don't see the launcher, but it plays OK otherwise. You have the opposite problem! Very weird!

It bothers me that you had to reduce to 800x600 and "fastest". I wonder if it's simply that your drivers don't do GPU instancing. That could easily cause both the Linux crash and the Windows slowdown. It's hard for me to tell. :|

I plan to add some debug features in to help users figure out what's going wrong, but I don't think that'll help with your Linux problem. If there's a crash log, I'd love to see it.

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About my Intel HD3000 graphic card, is an integrated one, not a GPU, so many games like yours run a little slow with low/medium graphics settings, both in Linux and Windows, but generally Linux builds are more problematics since Unity3D Linux support is much "younger" than Windows and Mac ones, expecially is Linux native 3D Editor.

Strangely, reinstalling and try playing the Linux build again, I've noticed that if I use a graphic quality just over the "fastest" one, games load really slowly (as much that you can think it's actually freezed), however with the "fastest" graphic preset and always a 800x600 screen res. it starts (but is slower than the Windows build). On the contrary, at 800x600 in fullscreen mode it correctly stretches the image to the screen real limits (1366x768), while on Windows the image keeps its proportion and so it seems cutted on sides. Also since it never actually crashed I haven't found a crash log in the app directory nor an output log.

Anyway, at that public directory (Debris Fishing Bug Report) I've added a txt file with my complete mesa linux driver specs, if it could be usefull.

Thanks for your attention and your work!

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Hm, I thought I replied, but I guess it got eaten!

I'm not sure what's up with your build, but the game's behavior is extremely strange. I'm not sure how these things could happen - I'd expect it to either work or not work: crashing on random resolutions is very strange. Is your video card fully intact? No corrupt onboard RAM or anything?